Traveller is a London based singer/songwriter with a suitcase full of highly melodic songs accompanied by lyrics that manage to be emotive and intelligent at the same time, destined for bigger things down the road.  Starting off as a frustrated creative holding down a City job, his songwriting, if not his instrumental skills, grew in leaps and bounds until he fronted a rock band called Silent Frenzy for several years, playing at many of the smaller venues around London, from Water Rats to Nambucca, Dublin Castle and even  Clapham Grand, while getting to the later stages of a national talent competition. They duly did what most first time musicians do - went their separate ways and in Traveller’s case, experimented with electronic music and production before developing his sound into the more eclectic, hip/hop inspired and yet still guitar-driven form it's in today.  He’s now about to release his first single in this incarnation, called One Word, a topical tale of the way words are constantly twisted out of shape, especially in the social media age (“if every word came from the heart, this whole damn world would fall apart”).  He plans to release an EP and then an album of 10 songs that he wrote in the last year before this one is out, hoping to bring his music to the widest audience possible, while remaining true to his roots.


Previous events


Notting Hill Arts Club, 21 Notting Hill Gate W11 3JQ, London

Join me for a Showcase launching my new single One Word at the Notting Hill Arts Club, one of the best music venues/bars in London. Enjoy the show with a great sound system on a dedicated stage before mingling with others at the bar where you can enjoy some drinks or order food, mingle with others and take a seat at one of the booths to chill out. I'll be one of three acts on the night, with King With No Throne ( and one other to be announced soon.